Why should I pick a combo?

 Because you get a lot more value for your money!

Who doesn't like a good deal? Well, I sure do - so I designed our two combos to fit the needs of both the occasional pizza baker and the pizza fanatic!
If you have a great pizza peel, you won't need our peels and we recommend you just buy The Pizza Steel.
But, if you don't have a peel, you should really concider taking advantage of our combo.
Our Peel is designed for The Pizza Steel and for use in a home oven. Combined with a sheet of ordinary baking paper you will master the art of sliding your pizza onto the steel in no time - and.. with no need of semulina, since the baking paper will easily slide off the peel.
And, when the pizza is done, you just lift up a corner of the baking paper, slide the peel under the paper and pull pizza and paper out of your oven.
Easy as Pie! :-)

Signature Mr Pizza Steel

PS: We actually don't earn more on a combo than we do on a single Pizza Steel. But when you enjoy baking on your new steel, chances are you will recommend us to your friends and family. That's why we think there is value in giving you more for your money :-).