Why should I pick the combo?

 Why buy the combo?

Because you get a lot more value for your money!

I have designed the combo after years of experience with my prototype pizza steel. I hate to waste energy and time, so when I heat up my oven (yes, it might only cost 30 pence an hour.. but still..) ..I prefer to make the most of it. When you bake larger portions you definitely need the right tools.
Our popular combo is just that.. a combo of the right tools for you to enjoy your new Pizza Steel to the max.

But why do I need two combi peels?

Well.. because you would need one peel to prepare the next portion of bread rolls, baguettes or the next pizza, and one peel to get the first portion out of the oven. It's as simple as that. With only one, you would need the peel to get the first portion out of the oven, and then prepare the next portion on the peel, before letting it glide onto The Pizza Steel. It would work, surely, but you would waste time waiting - and who likes to waste time?

But surely I could do without The Dough Cutter?

Yes, sure you could. But why would you?
The Dough Cutter is a nice little tool that you can use to cut your dough into ciabatta-like bread rolls, cut your pizza dough into fitting portions, scrape/clean your pizza steel for dough leftovers, clean your table etc. It's just one of those "very nice to have" things, that I wouldn't live without - so why should you?
Signature Mr Pizza Steel

PS: We actually don't earn more on a combo than we do on a single Pizza Steel. But when you enjoy baking on your new steel, chances are you will recommend us to your friends and family. That's why we think there is value in giving you more for your money :-).