Special offer: The Baking Combo

"Danish 30x30 cm edition"

Only €40 (Save €95 - That is 70% off!*)

(Final sale - only a few left)

1+2 super saver deal

The Pizza Steel + 2 Pizza Peels + The Dough Cutter!

If creating mouthwatering pizzas just isn't enough for you!
With this, special danish combo, you can bake it all: Pizza, artisan breads, French baguettes, Italian ciabatta buns etc.

(This combo will only be available in 30x30 cm, and only as long as stock lasts)

Since this combo is originally created for the Danish market, the instructions are in Danish only. You can download our multilanguage instructions here

*You save 70% compared to buying the products individually

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The Pizza Steel + Peel combo

1+1 super saver combo

Right now only €75 (save €17*)

*You save €17 compared to buying the products individually
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Available in 3 sizes: 33x33x0.6 cm (5 kg), 30x40x0.6 cm (5.5 kg), 34,5x40x0.6 cm (6.5 kg)
a round disc shaped version with a diameter of 35 cm (6.0 kg).
Lasercut in Denmark from high quality, super conductive carbon based steel.

Made to last a lifetime!

 The Pizza Steel

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The Pizza Peel

What would Batman be without Robin?

The same could be said about The Pizza Steel and the Pizza Peel.

Forget about peels with long handles. This peel combined with some ordinary baking paper, will make it super easy for you to get your pizzas, breads, bread rolls and baguettes into and out of your oven! Made of 1.5 mm hardened lasercut aluminum, it is made to last a lifetime - just like The Pizza Steel!

Comes in the same sizes as our rectangular Pizza Steels

The Combi Peel

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The Dough Cutter

Thinking about using your new Pizza Steel for more than "just" pizza?

Then The Dough Cutter is a really handy nice to have tool for your kitchen :-).

Made of 1 mm thick stainless steel, The Dough Cutter will help you cut out dough, creating "Italian" bread rolls, ciabattas, baguettes and breads. Is also very handy in scraping excess dough from The Pizza Steel or your table when cleaning up after baking.

The Dough Cutter